Saturday, November 26, 2005

Okay I am not Noel Gallagher and my favourite band is definitely not Oasis but even then "Wonderwall" touched me sufficiently to try writing alt lyrics.
This isn't much good but then that's probably just my opinion.

(Note Bono: I used to think that aphrodisiac means a pain-killer it doesn't but I could not find another substitute Aspirin sounds funny I will give some more thought to this during some exam probably)

I truly felt the pain
when I thought about you everyday
Thought about you everytime,
Numbed by the pain
didn't think I was alive.
Walking down the street people were crying all around.
I don't need any drugs to hallucinate
Coz babe , you're gonna be the one that saves me
and after all you're my Aphrodisiac

I didn't sleep at nights,
Didn't watch the shows
couldn't feel alive.
Then you came around
and smiled,
O baby You're my Aphrodisiac.

Then you went away,
I blew out the lights,
Closed the door,
Locked myself inside.
Coz babe, where's now my

The Original
Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realised what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way i do about you now
Backbeat the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels
The way i do about you now
And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that i would
Like to say to you
But i don't know how
Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall
Today was gonna be the day?
But they'll never throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realised what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way i do
About you now
And all the roads that lead you there were winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding
There are many things that i would like to say to you
I don't know how
I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall
I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall
Said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me

Friday, November 25, 2005

Finally its here
I don't mean the endsems silly they keep comin
I am back blogging and god that feels nice
And we have a special treat
The first love poem by me, is here.
Its called simply


If only the wounds of my heart
showed on my bare skin...........
You'd probably then might've noticed,
each and every one of them was a creation of yours.

I feel like a shadow,
Skin covering nothingness,
Theres a void,
where you used to be,

No emotion can I emote now,
A smile in response to whatever is thrown at me.

It seems to me
I lost myself
when you went away
'ver to went away

Time passes on, some wounds will never heal.

The lonely walk is all I walk alone,

A flower flowing in the rivers,
wherever the currents take me.

Clouds overhead are me, you see.
Searchin, lookin for you.
Only never to find you.

What Cloud could ever reach the Sun?

Keep walking, smiling,
Sure no sign of you.

My heart only pumps blood,
Stopped beating when you went away.

I can touch but not feel,
back then I could feel without touching.

A part of me has withered, died,
since you've been gone.

The Rest of me never rests,
its still roaming, running in circles.

Where did you go?
Vanished without a trace.

Was it Love?
Wish I could've known
Coz I was ne'er told

Know the funniest thing
I don't know how this ends.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I don't have a title for this poem, but the two good things, it is instantaneous(i mean i wasn't thinking whlie writing, i was feeling)
and no references to lotr or norse mythology or any kinda fantasies

what do you do when you wanna run away
from urself?
you can't run and you can't hide
he follows where you go.
he expects better from you
he laughs when you fail, coz he
already knows
that you're gonna fail.
he is the friend
the enemy
you promise he breaks
you hide he reveals
you know he knows
you hate him
he enjoys this
I am as broken as I was
but he kept pushing pushing
just a bit more, you know you can do it!
and then
there's no point working hard
be the way you are.
and you listen
the lies and the tales he weaves
a world in which you are good
admired loved can do no wrong
ofcourse I m a nobodyhe assures me
so no point working
i hate being alone with him
but that's the way its gonna be
He is probably the happiest soul right now on earth
but why don't i feel happy?
probably I am being needlessly sentimental
or probably i really am happy!!
i broke another promise
i made someone else angry with myself
other than him
really sorry that I trusted you
everyone tells me
you are no more than a bag of jokes
and a book of sad poems
which in reality are no good
coz you're the only one who "enjoys" them
he sez no no you're not worthless
soo what if your marks are crapped
so what if you're a social failure?
you're the best and you believe him
who will ever know that i walked the meandering paths
of my life?
he watches a movie
oh and it stars me
i am the villian
he the hero
see there i am
and that empty slot over there
its my brain
and only he lives there
Keep worries in the right place: outta his life

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Words Of Wisdom(From Those Who Claim They Know)
(Recorded during innumerable Thermo Lectures)
This isn't a defamation, its just I found the content surprising!!

So well okay fine exactly of course.
Some very unique lessons follow so hold on tight(to your Mystery Trains!!)

How do we choose the differential is a very philosophical question.The size of the differential is very small. To the molecular level. The molecule may or mayn't be there. Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle(HUP).
My Comment: Of all the things in the world, Calculus, Philo, HUP in the same dialogue. Schrodinger, Kaffka and Leibnitz would be turning in their graves.

You don't chuck the baby out.It is important to choose the right differential and neglect the others.
My Comment: Would have commented but could make no sense outta it.

A man who remains is one who remains functional.
My Comment: Of all the things possible!!! What actually is he indicating by functional.

It is my fountain pen. It is my piece of paper. I can give any problem.
My Comment: Of Course. Why not.

After 4 years of graduation, some homogenity comes in the whole batch.
My Comment: I'm sure that I'm definitely not a fairy!!

Our entire technology is based on burning fossil fuels.
My Comment: That was your generation. Nowadays we use antimatter and cold fusion.

Common Sense isn't very common.
My Comment: For once I agree.

Intelligence depends on two factors:
1. The ability to utilize our database.
2. Pure database.
My Comment: Not mine, I am pure brilliance!!

Memory is an important portion of your being intelligent
My Comment: Seriously, why should I learn something I could always look up?

Is the life linear? Suppose you graduate and join a job. If your boss becomes angry then your life can become pretty non-linear. When situation becomes non-linear after determing the non-linearity, we need to take adequate steps.
My Comment: I won't comment on this, I have my standards.

Would be regularly updated, after each thermo lec, and we have 3 of them in a week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Life Song

Light shines on a hill top,
Move over,
go there fast.

Did life pass you by?

Staring at the sun,
didn't meet its eye

Stared long, stared hard
fought for hours, the demon's wrath.

Shadows rise, towers plummet,
Evil grows, darkness falls.

And then light,
Hope unseen, unsung,

Radiant as the Evenstar's Elessar,
Earendil in flight,
laugh with delight.
swing from mistletoes,
don't wipe the laughter from your brow.

And then He comes,
and all is lost.
get ready to flee,
figth to survive.

The Champion of Evil,
feeds on your soul,
grows tall, strong
don't cower you coward,
Come forth, fight
Conquer the beast.
Tame the wild.

And then She comes,
Life's desires,
Value for money.
Is that what you're thinking?

I first thought I'd
sing a song.
The tune came to me,
came first, came at last.
Wanering o'er clouded hills,
fighting with sundry skills.

Touch the stone and move the mountains,
Conquer his wrath, face the Fountain.

Kill your idol,
Coz this is rock and roll.

So you thought you sold the world?
You didn't realise, the time was ripe.
People hiding, in the streets fighting.
Calm their souls, soothe their nerves.
Kill your idol,
Say no to drugs.
'Coz we always give a social message

So I killed my idol
and then meself
jumped from a height
coughed blood and broke my bones.
I died, died I not.
I am though not for long.
Pain surpassing,
life passing.

Time flying by.
Can't stop,
can't fight

Should I be the Loser everytime?
Would I be the Loser everytime?
Why am I the Loser everytime?

So I wrote a poem again, Big deal huh! I'll tell you what the big deal is.
Firstly I wasn't thinking while writing, I was supposed to do my Thermo H.W. so I was instead writing my sad thoughts.
The thing is that I first wrote the lines "I first thought I'd sing a song" to "Coz we always give a social message".Then the lines from "Light shone ..." to "and all is lost",then "get ready to flee " to ""Is that what you're thinking" and the rest finally.
But it integrated seamlessly in the end!
I was quite surprised, but the end product is quite palatable and atleast to me it doesn't look like an efforted poem except at one or two points

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where do we go now?

Where do we go now. I can't concentrate !!!!! The first semester is passing right infront of my eyes and I am making the same mistakes as before, I just can see the events happening in the same as the last semester and I am really scared, I have this feeling of deja vu whenever I miss a class or waste time or do something I should be doing, for instance blogging when I should be studying for my exams. This is insane and suicidal. I mean doing something which is gonna hurt. At this point my only aim in life is to make my CPI "decent". You might wanna ask What is a decent CPI? I would quote Tona a fellow blogger( who would probably be the first to read this " What is a decent CPI? It is just a bit more than whatever is the max you think you can achieve not because its unattainable, but on the contrary it is what you should be aiming for, because you deserve no lesser. " (That I hope was the gist of what he said. And Tona I do listen sometimes to what others are sayin' , for a change!!)
I am just not working as hard as I can. First I go to the Lib and get distracted there owing to the huge crowd which is actually trying very hard to study. Then I decide to stay in my room and study and all I do is to try to complete the 19 albums of Black Sabbath that I have and the 4 Ozzy albums. I am working very hard, about this you can be quite sure.
My roomie has almost given up on me, I am missing classes insubjects with weightage to attendance even when I have the opinion that it is a mortal sin to lose out a mark that I shouldl not be.
Okay this served its purpose I think I will concentrate better now.

Till doubt assails again

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Life Less Uncommon

The darkness is consuming me,

The raysovthesun don’t reach here up to me.

I m lost, trapped,

A captive of my own army

left to the mercy of my own devices.

Wisdom has dripped away

As has ebbed life.

Know not whither to look

nor where to turn

how far must I go before I return?

The caves are around me,

vicious beasts surround me.

My dreams have become my enemies.

Yet I have found hope in my nightmares.

My destiny lies still with me.

A lover searching for love

an artist in search of his muse,

an alchemist lookin’ for his stone

Hope comes from nowhere, but is everywhere.

I am told.

Carpe diem is what you should believe,

my friends tell me,

Patience and reticence are the virtues you must learn.

But all my mistakes aren’t my own,

Can I wash my sins and can I atone?

There is no sun shining,

nor is the moon lighting my path,

nor do stars twinkle overhead as I walk.

This is my baptization,

this is my trial by fire.

A devotee looking for a god,

A king for a kingdom,

A judge looking for mercy

A healer for a cure,

A fish looking for water pure.

Stumble as I walk,

learn must I how to fly.

The cold sun mocks my labours,

The world laughs at my endeavours,

Held is I by such a breakable thread.

Wargs, witches, werewolves and Sandman,

Orcs, elves, warriors and Madman.

Warlocks, wraiths, he who mustn’t be named and the Lizard King

All wait, all stay,

waiting for me to stand,

so that I may fall again.

Dragons spew fire as Evil spawns a new Heir,

Tales of braveries and virtues long forgotten,

arise awake as with sorrows is the path sodden.

The Dark Lord with his power ring,

The Knight on an unfinished errand.

All I know is Carpe Diem,

All I understand is Carpe Diem.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Its a bird,its a blog......its a superblog
blogs r for humans.for metahumans u need superblogs.
my first metahumans were Indian.i started with nagraj,bhokaal,parmanu,doga(who like punisher isn't really a meta human but his guns do all the talking),dhruv(his intelligence and razor-sharp intelligence make up for his lack of meta powers,though he has trained himself in the language of animals all of which r his friends,he can breathe in water but that is a gift from his pseudo-atlantis friends,but he really has no superpowers).
i discovered spiderman sorta suddenly.i mean i just woke up one day and i knew who spidermanwas.ok i m trying to joke.
but i did pick up the foreigners quite fast.
nyhow i was quite glued to the english cartoons that i grew up watching.
i discovered almost all the meta-humans within a period of three to four years.
this reminds me of an interesting incident.
i was once reading about amazon warriors.
so i discovered that they always had problems with archery as u have to pull the string back and release the string.the string always tended to get obstructed by their bosoms(which by then i was sure were quite ample,at least generally)and in the worst cases they suffered serious injuries.a taut high tension wire can be a really effective also hampered the speed of the amazon warriors.the mechanical engineer in me tells me that cross-bows can be effective solution for this problem.
however such a story would be very ineffective and plainly very plain and mythologies aren't remembered for the technological what they actually did was to find a origional solution without changing the state of technology.
yes u'r thinking in the right direction......they actually amputated their right breasts!!!!
so when i came to know about wonder-woman i was actually quite eager to see her pic as i imagined an amazonian warrior who should be looking sorta peculiar.
but needless to say i was let down.
she actually looks quite normal...well she is gorgeous but we're'n't supposed to notice that.
nyhow back to the topic.
i hate superman and sachin tendulkar(for the uninitiated he is 1 of the greatest indian batsmen of all times and the highest run getter too in cricket his batting average is phenomenal and his presence is like the talisman of our team we always play better when he is in good spirits.)for much the same reasons.firstly in this world of greys the are two all good and noble hidden skeletons in their closets.
secondly they make the justice league and the indian cricket team seem superflous and unnecessary.
thirdly their failure destroys the team morale and guys like flash and kaif have hardly any chance when the biggie fails.
batman is a guy i always admire not because he has to rely on his guts and whatever
but because he is always so composed.
i however always find spidey to be the best guy,and that's simply because he has to face all those heavy odds and make it to his date by overcoming the baddies and mind his baddies are very bad.but he always will make it good coz dandruff and self-doubt and room-rent are his biggest troubles.and because the guy has a real sense of humor
and he keeps a monologue on while facing any1 no matter however much strong that guy
and i absolutely adore samurai jack(he is a character on cartoon network).i love the artwork of the cartoon,its very straight lines kinda and seemingly immaturishly done.
the pictures don't convey the strength of tekken or dragonball-z,but there is a vulnerability all over the place.
jack is a warrior par excellence and he can never be defeated.
but he has an enemy a very powerful and almost indestructible dragon(aku should be the probable spelling of his name) who rules over almost the whole world.he can only
be defeated by the sword that samurai jack has who is also his gravest opponent,the only one that aku can never defeat at the same time aku has sent sam j to the future,
a world in which all technological advances co-exist with ancient wisdom.
sam j roams the world trying to find a way to return to his time,but he has immaculate morals and his dedication and all those good values we were taught about
in morals classes and forgot all about them soon enough.
he is the definition of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.
he never complains,is serious,doesn't speak much,but that doesn't make him arrogant.
he is the perfect killing machine,but he doesn't kill for fun,only in self-defense.
so i have been raving 'bout the guy for what seems like hours of typing time.
but he fully deserves it.
i think i covered all my major metahumans.
just a little note on the martian manhunter.i like the guy to the point that i sympathise with him.
he is the underloved underdog the guy who always gets ignored, but that doesn't make
him any lesser than the talked about guys.
some food for thought this.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


so here i am listenin to green day, maroon 5,eminem,clapton,axle rose,dire straits,avril,bon jovi,metallica,coldplay, u2, santana(what i really wanna say is that i have,as i feel a very good and varied taste in music)and composing a below standard blog.
but at least i m being honest.
so i'll write about the things i like, i like music i like good movies i like good computer games but unfortunately i don't still have a nvidia card so i haven't really played the top end games.
but i will do that soon. i like good novels i like gossiping i like good food and resting on my bed listening to avril or clapton or if i am feelin gnr metallica or nirvana but that is only generally when i have no better songs to listen to.i find dire straits blue oyster cult and black sabbath hard to follow i just have a few songs of them on my to listen to.
and i will write about things that i don't like.
of course every1 likes to grumble and i m no exception.
i hate my insti not because i find the courseload very high but because i haven't done nything remarkable here. hey i jus want a little fame.
and i m eccentric and i happen to be aware of this fact.
i will do things that hurt me in the long as well as short runs and i will have no reasons for it.
but of course this is a basit hates the world blog and not basit hates basit blog.
so more on that later.
i hated hp6 immensely i boughtit the day it was released but man the book really stinks.
i mean had it not been for the fact that it is a hp book i doubt it would have been the success its been.
i hate seven the movie for the fact that gwyneth dies and it was a very logical end.
i love its my life by bon jovi

lets sing a song for the broken hearted
a silent prayer for faith departed
and i am gonna be just a face in the crowd
u gonna hear my voice
when i shout it out loud
its my life
its now or never
and i ain't gonna live forever
i jus wanna live my life........

i hate the hindi movies bcoz they're just too long.
i hate the courses that i am takin except for intro to man pro
and not just bcoz its name rhymes but bcoz the course makes me feel like
i m really a mech engg coz that's what i am gonna be.
i hate ragging but even more than that i hate the graveness (in my opinion not truly heartfelt)
with which the admin deals with it.
where were the people, the protectors of the ragged, the cynosure of scared fresher eyes when we were being ragged i mean intro'd ?
let things be but that never happens here.
were in the world do students get time to do things of their choice even if it is reading about chaos theory when they have classes from 8 to 6 (10 hours n i 'm not joking)?
and the things we are taught about ?
don't even get me started about them.
or about the profs ?
of course some are really brilliant profs but what about the rest?
or about the fact that i am rubbish when it comes to outdoor sports.
whoops all this grumbling got me carried away.
the good stuff follows now:
i love the place
i was meant to be here
i have discovered many good frnds here
i am not really eccentric
i am lovin the bloggin feelin
i discovered good music movies and books here.
i enjoy the feeling u get by attending all the classes and being able to understand whatever
is being said.
i love eating whatever f*** they serve in the mess and the canteens
i love night-outs wasting my time doin things like blogging or some such crap
or just discussing things with friends.
i love my hp comp
an i like the company too.
i might just apply for a job there
ny how i haven't yet named my insti bcoz revealing personal info on the net is foolish
but evry1 who knows me knows that i am a student of iit kanpur.
and i am proud of the fact that i got thru the jee.
i love evrything associated with me.
especially things i will be associated for but a brief period like my insti.
i love the air of the place , the bad climate ,the people that one day i'll know no more,the courses i hate , the instuctors i despise the teachers i idolise,my senoirs my juniors ,complaning of the lack of girls in the place ragging freshers then becoming frndly with them the way my seniors did.
the juniors actually respecting you when you behave humanely and talk the way u wished to be adderessed during our ragging.
the seniors sharing their experiences about the courses and the profs.
downloading and listening to the songs that i like.
gossiping the night away while also trying to manage the assignments.
using ms outlook to organise your tasks
watching classy movies listening to pink floyd.
and doing absolutely foolish stuff like creating this senseless blog when i should have been
asleep getting ready for a 10 to 6 day
but i think i can sleep at six and wake up by 8:30 to nine and still live to see more days in my life.
but this is really late or in some sense too early so now i am shutting up my shop .
if u happen to come across my ravings do comment.
i will be awaitin.
i have a feelin that i am not the only crapper on the blog space
i love "the who"
i love "pink floyd"
i love who and what i am coz this is what i would be had i been given a choice.