Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So in the end nothing much, but these days I have my hands full with work all those courses n meanie profs, I'll lucky to get outta here alive n in One Piece. Anyways till later then :P

A collection of poems(mostly love themed, and quite similiar also, wrote them some time in my first year)

The Songwriter
I write a poem,
a beautiful poem about you
on a piece of paper
and throw it away.
There it goes,
with it my heart
through the same twists and turns,
slow and fast,
to where the breeze carries it
it strikes the ground,
it doesn't, but my heart shatters,
into a million fragments.
This is an Ode to you,
O My Love,
as you go with the man you love.

Glass shatters and hearts break,
winds howl, the tides grow and ebb.
The fire burns and the sheets burn
As in some hearts, love smoulders on
whatever happens, will happen
yeah these make no sense even to me.


Sauntering to school, I see
a wretched beggar shivering with cold
his clothes are tattered
I wonder if there are more patches or fabric
He gracefully covers himself with
torn linen

Someone might have used it to wipe dry his shoes
to comfort him, I approach
Wiping tears, shrugging himself
he tries his best to smile
instead of words he
puts the bowl between his and my hearts

Proof that I really have changed despite maintianing a facade that I am the same as I ever was :P
One of my most beautiful and probably really sorrowful poems, me thinks.
Not only because of the theme, but because I really have changed.
I really meant what I wrote about beggars, now I think of them as a nuisance, I don't feel for the poor anymore, maybe because I have grown up. Maybe this is the price of growing up.

An update maybe this is.
Havn't posted for quite some time now.
Basically I hav been away from my computer for quite some time now.
But anyways today I was missing it a lot, my fingers were aching to write and I was sorta in the mood( as I often get, when I wanna write) but couldn't think of a single thing to write.
Anyways I found this amazing( for only me, but then that is what this blog is all about :D) collection of poems the first of which dates wayy back to my eight class. Anyways will publish some of them rite now.