Tuesday, October 31, 2006


How can you know love
without the infinite pain of solitude?

You wither and fade
until a shell is left,
hollow yet full of emptiness...

And who has known love
without being severed, cut and yet seeemigly whole.

An echo is all i hear,
even when nothing is there.
Shadows are all my perceptions
devoid of form, of purpose.

Dark might be the path I tread on
but I know one day we'll meet
and there still is hope.

Very short for a poem. But surprise, surprise a SONNET yipeeee!!!!!
I am maturing as a poet though I know I promised no more poems to myself.
But I was sitting in my room and the words started screaming in my head and I just had to let them out( if you know what I mean).
Thanx to a coupla drunks(mind my brothers, guys I have a lot of regard for, so don't get any funny ideas) in my room, I was unable to do anything quickly.
Thus I couldn't recollect all of it and had to alter the form a bit. I even lost a few words.
Had that not happened, it would have been a spectacular poem, now its just its own poor cousin.
But then life's not about the ifs in any case, which when I think about, is what this poem is really all about.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

edited bloody sunday( didn't like the name anyways i guess :P)
renamed and sum grammar( thank god for that)