Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I don't have a title for this poem, but the two good things, it is instantaneous(i mean i wasn't thinking whlie writing, i was feeling)
and no references to lotr or norse mythology or any kinda fantasies

what do you do when you wanna run away
from urself?
you can't run and you can't hide
he follows where you go.
he expects better from you
he laughs when you fail, coz he
already knows
that you're gonna fail.
he is the friend
the enemy
you promise he breaks
you hide he reveals
you know he knows
you hate him
he enjoys this
I am as broken as I was
but he kept pushing pushing
just a bit more, you know you can do it!
and then
there's no point working hard
be the way you are.
and you listen
the lies and the tales he weaves
a world in which you are good
admired loved can do no wrong
ofcourse I m a nobodyhe assures me
so no point working
i hate being alone with him
but that's the way its gonna be
He is probably the happiest soul right now on earth
but why don't i feel happy?
probably I am being needlessly sentimental
or probably i really am happy!!
i broke another promise
i made someone else angry with myself
other than him
really sorry that I trusted you
everyone tells me
you are no more than a bag of jokes
and a book of sad poems
which in reality are no good
coz you're the only one who "enjoys" them
he sez no no you're not worthless
soo what if your marks are crapped
so what if you're a social failure?
you're the best and you believe him
who will ever know that i walked the meandering paths
of my life?
he watches a movie
oh and it stars me
i am the villian
he the hero
see there i am
and that empty slot over there
its my brain
and only he lives there
Keep worries in the right place: outta his life

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Words Of Wisdom(From Those Who Claim They Know)
(Recorded during innumerable Thermo Lectures)
This isn't a defamation, its just I found the content surprising!!

So well okay fine exactly of course.
Some very unique lessons follow so hold on tight(to your Mystery Trains!!)

How do we choose the differential is a very philosophical question.The size of the differential is very small. To the molecular level. The molecule may or mayn't be there. Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle(HUP).
My Comment: Of all the things in the world, Calculus, Philo, HUP in the same dialogue. Schrodinger, Kaffka and Leibnitz would be turning in their graves.

You don't chuck the baby out.It is important to choose the right differential and neglect the others.
My Comment: Would have commented but could make no sense outta it.

A man who remains is one who remains functional.
My Comment: Of all the things possible!!! What actually is he indicating by functional.

It is my fountain pen. It is my piece of paper. I can give any problem.
My Comment: Of Course. Why not.

After 4 years of graduation, some homogenity comes in the whole batch.
My Comment: I'm sure that I'm definitely not a fairy!!

Our entire technology is based on burning fossil fuels.
My Comment: That was your generation. Nowadays we use antimatter and cold fusion.

Common Sense isn't very common.
My Comment: For once I agree.

Intelligence depends on two factors:
1. The ability to utilize our database.
2. Pure database.
My Comment: Not mine, I am pure brilliance!!

Memory is an important portion of your being intelligent
My Comment: Seriously, why should I learn something I could always look up?

Is the life linear? Suppose you graduate and join a job. If your boss becomes angry then your life can become pretty non-linear. When situation becomes non-linear after determing the non-linearity, we need to take adequate steps.
My Comment: I won't comment on this, I have my standards.

Would be regularly updated, after each thermo lec, and we have 3 of them in a week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Life Song

Light shines on a hill top,
Move over,
go there fast.

Did life pass you by?

Staring at the sun,
didn't meet its eye

Stared long, stared hard
fought for hours, the demon's wrath.

Shadows rise, towers plummet,
Evil grows, darkness falls.

And then light,
Hope unseen, unsung,

Radiant as the Evenstar's Elessar,
Earendil in flight,
laugh with delight.
swing from mistletoes,
don't wipe the laughter from your brow.

And then He comes,
and all is lost.
get ready to flee,
figth to survive.

The Champion of Evil,
feeds on your soul,
grows tall, strong
don't cower you coward,
Come forth, fight
Conquer the beast.
Tame the wild.

And then She comes,
Life's desires,
Value for money.
Is that what you're thinking?

I first thought I'd
sing a song.
The tune came to me,
came first, came at last.
Wanering o'er clouded hills,
fighting with sundry skills.

Touch the stone and move the mountains,
Conquer his wrath, face the Fountain.

Kill your idol,
Coz this is rock and roll.

So you thought you sold the world?
You didn't realise, the time was ripe.
People hiding, in the streets fighting.
Calm their souls, soothe their nerves.
Kill your idol,
Say no to drugs.
'Coz we always give a social message

So I killed my idol
and then meself
jumped from a height
coughed blood and broke my bones.
I died, died I not.
I am though not for long.
Pain surpassing,
life passing.

Time flying by.
Can't stop,
can't fight

Should I be the Loser everytime?
Would I be the Loser everytime?
Why am I the Loser everytime?

So I wrote a poem again, Big deal huh! I'll tell you what the big deal is.
Firstly I wasn't thinking while writing, I was supposed to do my Thermo H.W. so I was instead writing my sad thoughts.
The thing is that I first wrote the lines "I first thought I'd sing a song" to "Coz we always give a social message".Then the lines from "Light shone ..." to "and all is lost",then "get ready to flee " to ""Is that what you're thinking" and the rest finally.
But it integrated seamlessly in the end!
I was quite surprised, but the end product is quite palatable and atleast to me it doesn't look like an efforted poem except at one or two points