Thursday, April 26, 2007

My new poem, I was composing when I should be studying, God!!!111!!!


Buried in my tub with
eyes full of smoke.
I cough, its the proof that I am alive.
Life was a nuisance,
death ain't no better.
I guess I'm bored.
My back hurts so do my knees.
Is it real, or all just in my head.
Tonight I die, take you with me.
Is it a ride that you want?
Gouge out my eyes, ease the pain.
Take my life, its all I got anyways.
There is so much light I can't see,
All the air, I can't breathe.
I desire the darkness.
No one to bother me except my thoughts.
And the voices they whisper in my ears,
tall claims and false lies.
Take me somewhere I can't hear them.
And if it all fails,
take my life away.
I have been dead so long,
unnoticed and unmourned.
I speak the words they put in my head,
see only what they show.
They tell me life is but a dream.
Pry my eyes open, please
Wake me up.

How do I live?

I just close my eyes
and blow man sized rings of smoke.