Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Tale of Two Lives:First Tale

My mouth was full of the bitter distaste of grim reality. It didn't matter at that time whether I existed or not. Inches from death, laughing at my misfortunes. And why not? What better time there could be than such?

A little longer and I will be dead. Then I can look back at a life wasted and try to comprehend what went wrong. I had no doubts that such a time will surely follow. Far below where I stood, waves clashed against the rocks. Growling like hungry predators baying for the foul blood that reeked in my veins. Or probably the beasts awaited below while my tired brain conjured images of the waves to overcome the fear. Biding their time, waiting to tear me down pieces. I laughed at them, if I jumped I will be dead before I hit the ground.

What had drove me to the top of a cliff in a fairy-tale forest I can't remember. Maybe the tax collectors. In fact I hoped it were the tax collectors. Any other reason would expose the misfortune that my existence really had been. The climb to the top had been extremely tiring. Maybe I had been climbing all my life. Facing everything that had come along the way. Here I was now right at the top. But I didn't had that on the top feeling at all. On the contrary I was full of dread. At the impending doom that was getting nearer. The beasts had started climbing up, jumping and fighting amongst themselves. Taking only a fraction of the time it had taken me. Maybe it were the waves that were rising. With the tides. Owing to the pull of the moon. The Newton's apple. My mind informed me. The genius that had destroyed my life, with sufficient self-satisfaction.

Nothing good comes out of recounting the deepest secrets of one's life. Some memories there are that can only be taken to the grave. There are others which merit a pack of hungry beasts. Clearly I was a sinner to have landed right into Death's jaws in such a singularly spectacular fashion. But who had been the one to decide that? And whatever I had wronged, would that sort itself out once I had been ripped to shreds? Would I be destroyed once those blood thirsty jaws touched me? There is much pleasure to be had in dying I mused. Isn't death the unending orgasm of bitter-sweet memories? I smiled at the notion.

Sharpened claws that glowed in the full moon.
Ending my life might not be that bad an idea.
They were getting closer.
Maybe I would have loved to have lived a little longer.
The lunging beasts getting closer.
Every heart beat was one lesser.
Their howls that pierce my skin.
There is so much I never did.
Their breath that I can feel.
Where was the sylvan night breeze?
Their parched throats.
Not a drop of my blood will be left.
Their saliva on my naked skin.
If I crouched I might live a second longer.
Their teeth shred my flesh.
Was I just an origami puppet?
I will never know.
Their eyes tell me that my end will be a swift and painless.
I don't want to die.


vikram said...

very well written, particularly "Nothing good comes out of recounting the deepest secrets of one's life" and "My mouth was full of the bitter distaste of grim reality". This line was also awesome "Growling like hungry predators baying for the foul blood that reeked in my veins".
But, why do you write every time about "death" and stuff like that??

raushan said...

nice one...the first para itself reflects about your class...and yes i agree with pogo...plz write on some cheerful issues too...

basit said...

hmm... thanx for the lavish praise... considering i had to virtually exort
it out of you guys... :P

yeah about the sadness n death maybe it is just because of perceptual constancy(i had to google the word :P)
another more important reason in my opinion is the fact that it is definitely easier to write a tragedy than a comic... also death issues i find more evocative and visually gratifying when imagining... i can write a sad story in 10-15 mins a gud comic would take me hours i think.... and then i only have ellipsis sarcasm and hyperbole in my repertoire while when writing a tragedy i can use a whole bag of similies and metaphors irony and what not...
i hope i learn puns overnight and then a lot of funny stories i promise... and i'll make you guys read all of them... :)

chachi said...

hmm..nice one..2nd part kahan hai? aur ek jagah have ki jagah had likha hua hai tune :P

aniruddh said...

clarification:woh suicide nahi karne wala tha...beasts sahi main aye the khane use. Such deep thoughts about death..y dont u publish ur writings...maybe u cud contend for the booker prize.... the next khalil gibran whtsisname