Monday, October 08, 2007

Human Interactions:
Anagraphy of a somewhat Autistic, probably Bipolar and mostly Introvert chronic loner
I am finally sure that I am not capable of interacting with the others of my species.
Here is something that happened today.
I have a friend, lets not name him. I notice that he has a shaved head. Which in India implies that someone in the family has expired.
Normally, I would have minded my own business but for some odious reason that I can't for the life of me remember, I ask him... Who expired? So he says my baba. I mishear it as my papa. I think I reacted a bit too loudly. So he corrects me, gently, grandfather not father. Now this is where the conversation should have ended. Information transaction being already complete. But I didn't let that happen. I now ask. How old was he. Foolish foolish naive question, my head screams. But its too late, the words are already out there. 80 he replied. And here is what I said, reproduced verbatim: Cool, waah. Then I smiled like a fool.
I can not even begin to understand why I have to be such a huge dumb log.

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